Success Stories



Violin Lessons - Ann GarciaHi Alberto!

Ever since I was little I always wanted to play the violin. Violinists seem to have that effect on me, it’s just magical. As I got older, the possibility of learning the violin became much stronger and more realistic that I decided to take formal lessons. My friend suggested that I take your lessons first before I get an expensive tutor. I’m glad I followed my friend. I am very pleased with your lessons. I can say that I am officially a violinist. Thanks for putting up the lessons!

- Ann Garcia



Violin Lessons - Louis AndersonI had violin lessons a couple of years ago. The methods are academic and not entertaining. I felt very frustrated that I was paying for mediocre lessons. Since that time, I’ve stopped taking violin lessons. They weren’t just working for me…until I discovered Premier Violin. You’ve made it easier for me to learn the Violin and how to easily play it. Thank you!

- Louis Anderson



Violin Lessons - Martin ReynoldsI’ve always dreamed of playing the violin but never did I realize that I really could play the violin really well if not with the help of your violin course. In just over a month, I was playing a little Paganini and a little of Vivaldi already. Your site rocks!

- Martin Reynolds



Violin Lessons - Melisa CameronI can’t take you enough for helping me learn the violin. I feel more confident playing in our school rehearsals now.

- Melisa Cameron



Violin Lessons - Doug RichardsYour lessons are simply amazing! I’ve started practicing and have gotten the hang of holding the bow properly and the violin. I’m still learning the notes. I always look forward to coming home and practicing. Thank you for your help!

- Doug Richards



Violin Lessons - Rachel DudleyI was getting violin lessons at a studio to which I had to travel an hour and a half to go our group lessons. It was very exhausting. But the time I get to the studio, I was already tired and because I had to take it with a group of 4 people, the lessons are a bit staggering. Until I came to your site…I can take the lessons anytime I want plus I was having the lessons all to myself.

- Rachel Dudley



Violin Lessons - John ScottIt’s such a great feeling that I can play my favorite songs to every recital with confidence. I can even play Paganini non-stop!

- John Scott



Violin Lessons - Chelsea MitchellThe Violin Videos are awesome! The videos made it easier for me to grasp the concepts.

- Chelsea Mitchell



Violin Lessons - Brian FisherLooking for online lessons, I stumbled upon your website. Like other websites I visited, I was reluctant to spend money to find out that the material is not what it should be. In your case, having read all the information in your site, I thought it might be worth my while. I am not disappointed, in fact I am sounding a great deal better in following your lessons.

- Brian Fisher